Privacy Policy

This is such a small website that it almost doesn't warrant even posting a privacy policy. However, online tracking and digital surviellence are contants in current tech culture. So I'd like to be upfront and transparent with how my site interacts with your browser, so I wrote a privacy policy.

I do not collect any information about users who interact with this website. None. There are no scripts, no analytics, no cookies. This website is written solely in simple HTML, with no hidden code. I do not track IP addresses that connect to the server, nor are they logged by me. Enjoy personal online privacy while browsing my website. I am not concerned with the number of visitors that my site has. I primarily operate it out of personal enjoyment and a desire to share information with others. If you like my site, please feel free to share it with other people. If you'd like to leave a comment about a post or contact me, please do so through the email address listed on the "Contact Me" page.

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