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Rare DUEDUE Max 86% OFF Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Case Glitter Bling 5G 6.7'' Slim

DUEDUE Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Case 6.7'' 5G,Glitter Bling Slim


DUEDUE Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Case 6.7'' 5G,Glitter Bling Slim

Product Description

DUEDUE Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Case,Glitter Bling Slim Hybrid Hard PC Cover Shockproof Non-Slip Full Body Protective Phone Case for Galaxy S21 Plus 2021 for Women/Girls,Rose Gold


  • Camera amp; Screen Protection:

Raised lip and front bumper keeps the screen and camera away from any impacts and scratches.

  • Larger Cut-outs:

Easy access to all buttons, ports, camera, sensors, speakers, headphone jack and controls without removing the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus case.

  • Slim and lightweight:

Slim fit keeps your device slender and from fitting to fit right in your pocket and bag.


Compatible Model: Case for Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus 6.7 inch 2021.

Color: Rose Gold

Material: PC

What's in the package?

--1x Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus.

Please Note: Case ONLY, screen protector and other accessories are NOT included.

With Card Holder
Glitter Bling
Dual Layer
Full Protection

DUEDUE Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Case 6.7'' 5G,Glitter Bling Slim

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