SRAM G2 Disc Brake Pads Color Organic Oakland Mall Steel One One,,Disc,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,SRAM,G2,Color,,Organic/Steel,Brake,Pads,$21,/clubridden708942.html One,,Disc,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,SRAM,G2,Color,,Organic/Steel,Brake,Pads,$21,/clubridden708942.html $21 SRAM G2 Disc Brake Pads One Color, Organic/Steel Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation SRAM G2 Disc Brake Pads Color Organic Oakland Mall Steel One $21 SRAM G2 Disc Brake Pads One Color, Organic/Steel Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation

SRAM G2 Disc Brake Pads Al sold out. Color Organic Oakland Mall Steel One

SRAM G2 Disc Brake Pads One Color, Organic/Steel


SRAM G2 Disc Brake Pads One Color, Organic/Steel

Product description

Original equipment pads for no-compromise disc brake performance.Steel backed organic pad offers powerful brakingEach pad kit includes two pads, a pad spreader spring, pad pin and clipItem SpecificationsBacking Plate MaterialSteelCompoundOrganicPad Shape Number58

Product description

Original equipment pads for no-compromise disc brake performance.Steel backed organic pad offers powerful brakingEach pad kit includes two pads, a pad spreader spring, pad pin and clipItem SpecificationsBacking Plate MaterialSteelCompoundOrganicPad Shape Number58

SRAM G2 Disc Brake Pads One Color, Organic/Steel


Shri Bhaskar Sarma, IAS

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